sometimes you have a great musical idea but need someone to help you bring it into life, or a great song but need some help to move it forward... that's where we can help you. It's your creativity we want to draw on to inspire us so we can guide you and craft your dream sound together. It can often be an important part of the writing process so you can begin to hear beyond your demos or voice memos! You can come and sit with us and we can work together or you can send us an idea and we can chat on the phone and work remotely. You'll walk away with a more polished and developed song ready to hit the studio with.

Production is generally best placed as part of a package as it can encompass various parts of the process of making a song including song-writing, arranging, programming or beat production, and recording. Please do get in touch to chat about this further with no obligation. We'd love to hear what you're up to!

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